Dynamic Tire provides a vital competitive advantage in global tire sourcing. As a Canadian pioneer of globally sourced tires, Dynamic has established a Logistics Support Team in China and Toronto. Around the clock, these teams work to harness the most cost-effective production platforms in the market. Dynamic excels in four key logistical areas helping, deliver a competitive advantage to our dealer network.


Dynamic Tire offers competitive programs not typically available in the Canadian tire wholesale market. Our customers benefit directly from our decades-long relationships with Asian manufacturers, as we continue to transform and advance global sourcing.


Dynamic Tire employs an expert Procurement Team dedicated to ensuring that all orders are handled accurately and delivered on time. In addition, Dynamic Tire strives to provide industry leading fill rates by combining procurement expertise and Information Technologies to anticipate and manage market demand.


Dynamic Tire maintains a strategically located warehouse in Toronto. Spanning over a total of 400,000 sq ft, it enables Dynamic to offer Warehouse Fill-In Privileges on a wide spectrum of SKUs to our dealer network.


Dynamic Tire offers the ability to create custom containers when purchasing on a container-direct basis enabling our customers to save even more. Our traditional build-to-order process is supported by Dynamic Tire’s industry leading online container purchasing system.

Dynamic Tire provides access to on-the-ground inventory held in one of the factory-sponsored warehouses in China. This significantly reduces the time between order entry and delivery compared to traditional container-buying programs.